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is a reshaping pajama able

to reduce cellulitis signs

to increase skin elasticity

to increase the collagen synthesis

to improve microcirculation

to improve thermoregulation


EMANA®, is a smart yarn which takes care of skin beauty. Its innovative technology, enriched with bio-active minerals improves the skin appearance, boosts the elasticity and minimizes the imperfections, making it looking better.

Its features don’t change even after an unlimited number of washings thanks to the built-in technology of the yarn.


Thanks to the bio-active minerals in the yarn, EMANA® soaks up the heat of the human body and returns it to the skin in the form of far infrared (F.I.R.). Completely harmless and subtle, this infrared enter in the skin by stimulating the blood micro-circulation with a folllowing liquid drainage without any chemical meddling and in a natural way.

DREAM FITNESS® comes as the union of Emana® yarn with the peculiar, soft and comfortable weave made specifically to tone up the body without any stress or squeeze.
There’s a visible reduction of the imperfections and an enhancement of the microcirculation, with following reduction of cellutitis signs.