Athena | The seamless underwear
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The seamless underwear

Woman Underwear

Our production reaches almost 1500000 pieces of “Seamless” garments, thanks to the Santoni Machineries in Finezza 28 e in Finezza 40, with canisters ranging from 10”to 17”.
This wide range allows us to carry out several sizes which met the customers requirements. Furthermore, our firm has Tape-Application equipments which ensure the best performance of our products

Night Underwear..soft, comfortable and sensual

Underwear fitting as a second skin, thanks to the Finezza 40 Machinery

Form-fitting and reshaping garments made with innovative yarns and cutting-edge equipments, with a special regard to the woman’s femininity.

Man Underwear

Garment made with soft breathable microfiber. It folds to the body, giving a comfort sensation.

Our boxes are made with high quality fabrics which make them comfortable, practical and long lasting.

Our t-shirts can be worn even over jeans, making the creation an outerwear


Techical-sporty creations for man and woman, suitable for every type of training. We make thermal items ideal for skiing,breathable fresh items for running,with an eye to design and elegance.