Athena | About us
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About us

Our company works in the national and international field of socks and seamless. We offer a wide range of high-standard and cheap products, thanks to a constant technological updating and an unceasing process of creating of new items.

Athena has an intern sewing ward working on the prototypes of Seamless items; this company choice comes from the will to protect and preserve the confidential nature of the know-how and the drafts made and developed by our staff or ordered from third parties.

In 2008 our company has embedded another firm operating in the socks and underwear field, in order to add internally that business. The acquired firm is Torcitura e Calzificio Nuovo Sivel, which has been active in the woman socks field from over 30 years.

The company, which operates mainly on behalf of third parties but is very active in developing innovative technologies, has lived the years of economic boom in the production of socks and has contributed strongly to the growth of this field in the italian market, in which has entered thanks to the shareholders’ professional experience and to the technological and effective machineries.

Through this merge strategy, Athena Calze has been able to obtain the highest productive versatility without significant increases on the price product and improving its own competitiveness on the market.